Are you living a fully expressed life?

Wow…what would that be like?

Make this commitment to yourself and…. to your life. Showing up with an open heart and mind is the first step. When you become ready and willing to connect to your true nature…we will find her. You are unlimited in what becomes possible and deep transformation can take place. 

But here’s why that can feel so hard…

Past patterns and old mindsets can hold you back, and we end up creating more of what we don’t want.



Together we will...

Uncover thoughts that are holding you back. Work on your mindset and challenge some of the thinking that may be getting in the way of living a life you are excited about.

Create a plan for your desired outcome. Tap into parts of yourself you may have forgotten about or….don’t know yet. 

We will bring into existence a safe and expansive space for you to dream big, achieve your goals and live your most authentic and fully expressed life.

It is time to become the leader of your life. I can help you implement strategies for an abundant, thriving and joyful future.

You are meant to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. 

Coaching options below. If you don’t see your best option….just reach out and let me know. We can come up with your best coaching plan. 

My Coaching Options

Ten weeks to Transformation

Price: $2,000

Six week Deep Dive
Price: $1,200

What you receive:

50-minute weekly coaching sessions
Email support and accountability

Need a tune up or a taste of what’s possible when we work together?

One 60-minute Session Price: $175

Book a 15 minute complimentary Discovery Call

The best is yet to come

Redefine what you believe about aging and love your life more every day.

7 Week Program

Together, we can create a plan for you to realize the most authentic and beautiful you every day, Inside and out.

Aging can be a beautiful process and experience of great freedom, joy, and meaning.  Yet, because we live in such a youth-focused society, we can get caught in a struggle with loving ourselves throughout the journey. It can make us feel overly-identified with our outer appearances.

And then… You start downplaying who you are.

Thoughts of “I’m not attractive enough or relevant anymore,” start to surface.

But know this: you are always enough, no matter what your age is.

That’s why my goal is to help you live fully from the inside out.

My wish for you is that you embody the energy and freedom of being YOU.

The 7 Week Plan Defined

Deep Dive Reflection – You are beautiful the way you are but negative beliefs about aging are often hidden within. Let’s uncover the stories you have been telling yourself.

Core Value Identification – Living in alignment with what you value will help guide you towards your true nature. Let’s define your core values and lead each day with them.

Dream Beyond Measure –  Let yourself dream. We will explore your dreams and bring them to life as you confidently move into the next chapter. Let’s have some fun here!

Love From Within – Wrinkles, body changes, relationships – we’re going to talk about it all. Learn how to embody your most authentic self. You are beautiful, sensual, and alive.

Take Inspired Action – 
Let’s create an empowering mindset to embrace your newfound gifts, let go of all that has been holding you back. 

Integrate The Work – Start living your dream life NOW!

What you receive:

(7) 50-minute coaching sessions
A  plan for implementing the beautiful goals you have created.

Price: $1,900

Are you ready to shift the way you feel about aging and create a life to support this new chapter? Book a 15-minute complimentary Discovery Call

Mindy G

I came to Lori during a challenging time in my life. I had been let go from my job, ended a long term relationship and lost a pet all in one week. My thinking was distorted, and I was depressed and anxious. Lori gave me valuable tools to work through my grief and taught me a new way of thinking. Through positive self talk, meditation, suggestions and understanding positive actions steps, I was able to navigate through a difficult time. Her perspective helped me set daily goals for myself. She taught to me to pay attentions to my thoughts and to differentiate between what is true and what is chatter. Lori is an intelligent kind, empathetic life coach who consistently challenged and empowered me to live in the ruth and ultimately live my best life.

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